Queensland Goju Kai Karate


The style that we study is called Goju Kai meaning literally Hard and Soft school.  It combines internal and external elements into an effective and efficient martial system, integrating the mind, body and spirit in balanced proportion.  Goju is a close fighting style emphasising deep breathing, circular movements and powerful techniques. 

Thus, Goju Kai Karate is a style that attracts a diversity of people interested in pursing a martial art for many and varied reasons.

Queensland Goju Kai Karate is affiliated with the IKGA and has direct links back to Japan.

IKGA Qld Goju Kai karate is suitable for children, women and men of all ages and levels of fitness.  Goju kai karate helps build self confidence, self discipline and self defence while also improving fitness levels in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  

If you have always wondered what a martial art or more particularly Karate, is like - why not give it a go.  Our club holds free trial sessions and introductory classes regularly.  To find out when the next free trial class is being held, contact us now.